Some selected pics from the net

A fountain statue of Venus on a shell, formerly exposed in the garden of a restaurant in Ins (BE, Switzerland)

Young model with platinum blond hair sitting

Chinese model sitting on a stool

Chinese lady with sunglasses in a bus

Lady in an ocher colored dress

Young blonde beach beauty

African beach beauty

American actress Gillian Anderson

Secretary leaving the office

American actress Dana Delany from Desperate Housewives

Dressed lady posing on a bed

Italian model Daniela

Young lady in fishnet stockings lying on a bed

French actress Sophie Marceau in an embarassing situation at Cannes festival

French actress Corinne Touzet: movie stills from the 1980s

Italian actress Mariangela Melato (+2013): two movie stills

Young Japanese lady checking her smartphone in a subway

Lady changing clothes in a parking lot

Reporter interviewing a showgirl in the bygone era

Classy lady sitting on a bench

Asian flight attendants

Young lady in a living room

Young lady on the bank of a river

Two portraits of American actress Meg Ryan

Beach beauty

Young beach beauty with outstanding tits

Bride trying a wedding dress

Woman in a tropical garden

Secretary off duty 1

Secretary off duty 2

Mature beach beauty

Blonde lady sunbathing

Arab lady with a hijab lying on a bed

Lady in front of a mirror

Dark haired lady in front of a mirror

Vintage lady undressing

Lady in a see through blouse


Lady in black undressing

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Mother and daughter relaxing on a bed

Girls prepairing a Halloween party

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Display of gray lingerie

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Girl with glasses wearing fishnet stockings and high heels

American actress Jaime Pressly hitchhiking completely nude

British actress Joan Collins

Redhead lady posing

Model Sara posing nude on the floor

Two ladies comforting each other

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Lady in black stockings lying on a sofa

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