The origin of the name America

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Beyond all myths and legends about the discovery of the New World (Christopher Columbus,

Amerigo Vespucci, etc.) and chronological absurdities (“1492”), there is just one thing clear: the origin of the name America.

Introduction: The philological principle of the devocalization of words

For the purpose of philological and historical analysis you have to free the words from its vowels.

In ancient times only the consonants were important (for example in Hebrew language).

Example (in Latin language):

Troja, TROJAM (always take the accusative case, because it is the most used) = Troy

These letters freed of vowels can be revocalized with any vowels.


TRM = TERRAM, terra = earth, land

The three consonants can also be read backwards:


Revocalized it results for example:

MRT = MORTEM, mors = death (in a Trojan war)


MRT = MARTYREM, martyr = martyr (in a Trojan war)

The origin of the name America

With the above principle of devocalization you proceed this way:

America, AMERICAM = MRCM = MARCUM, Marcus = MARK (Saint Mark)

Behind St. Mark stands Venise (VNS > PNS > NPLS = NEAPOLIS, Naples), like Troy (or Naples) a seafaring city,
and like
Atlantis, a continent of explorers.

“Christopher Columbus” is supposed to have come from Genova. This Italian city had the same seafaring importance like Venise.

Spain and Italy were the two European nations who first sailed across the Atlantic.

We see the discovery of the New World as a matter embedded in the myths of Troy and Atlantis and crowned by the Christian faith (Mark the Evangelist).

P.S: By the way: The model for the myth of Atlantis is the port town Taranto in Southern Italy: